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If Willian won’t take a 1-year deal, then so be it



If Willian won’t take a 1-year deal, then so be it

John Terry, Chelsea’s best ever player in the clubs history and greatest ever captain, accepted 1-year contract extensions at the club once he reached 30, because that was the club’s policy.

David Luiz, the journeyman player who left Chelsea and then returned, got granted a 2-year contract extension, breaking the clubs own policy.

Then, he left to join one of Chelsea’s closest rivals Arsenal. Brilliant!

Willian, currently has a 1-year contract extension offer on the table from Chelsea, but has yet to sign it because he wants a 2-year extension, just like his Brazilian compatriot (Source – The Standard).

Frank Lampard apparently wants the club to sanction the demands and get him signed up, rather than risk losing him on a free this summer – he is already free to talk to other clubs and agree a pre-contract.

But why should Willian get two years? I believe that if he doesn’t accept the 1-year offer, then either sell him this month if they can get a decent replacement, or allow him to see out his contract. Under no circumstances should they break their own policy for Willian.

Yes, he does bring experience. Yes, he has been playing well under Lampard. Yes, he is useful to keep around. But not for another 2 years.

He has been an inconsistent player throughout his Chelsea career and whilst I don’t think he is a bad player at all, we should now be looking to replace him at his age.

He’s playing well this season, because things are going his way and he is a regular starter. Under Antonio Conte, he was not, therefore we saw the other side to Willian when he decided to put emoji’s over Conte’s face in the group trophy shot and blame it on his daughter. Yeah, sure mate!

Is that an example of a player who is fully loyal to the club? Maybe he is when the stream is flowing in his direction, but it’s a different story if he is going upstream.

I don’t dislike Willian, and he has done some amazing things at this club, but I just think many are blind to his attitude, and we can get a much better replacement.

Incidentally, the featured image on this post is of Willian storming down the tunnel after being substituted. See what I mean?


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