Frank Lampard David Luiz

The footballing world has been rocked by the unexpected move of David Luiz to Arsenal, and everyone is still searching for explanations for it.

There have been all sorts of questionable rumours flying around, but the best strategy in these cases is usually to just go with simplest explanation. In this case, that appears to be that David Luiz wasn’t happy with the game time he was set to get this season.

It still seems fishy – why wouldn’t he back himself to compete with the other options to play for Frank Lampard? It’s not like any of them were outstanding either this preseason. He has been dropped by managers before and fought his way back into the team… why would he throw away so many years of goodwill here just because of this fear of losing minutes to Kurt Zouma and Andreas Christensen?

We may never know. But if this is the reason, he must have known pretty clearly that Frank Lampard wasn’t happy with him, and wasn’t going to use him. The breakdown between the pair is sad given they are both Munich heroes.

Maybe there was a preexisting enmity? There was a time under Rafa Benitez where Lampard complained to Luiz on pitch about his effort, as the Independent reported on here.

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