Luka Jovic
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Luka Jovic could have drawn a blank against Chelsea over two legs and he still would have been a prime target for us.

The forward has been absolutely savaging the Bundesliga this year, and it’s no wonder plenty of top teams are after him.

In fact, the Serbian forward scored in both games against us, as his team were eventually knocked out on penalties.

That just brought his talent even more into focus for us. A team that lacks a dominant centre forward once again struggled to break down inferior opposition, while the team we faced were able to make the most of their lone striker’s speed and strength on the break.

We may not be allowed to sign players this summer, and even if we can it will be difficult to persuade Jovic to pick us ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid, and whoever else might be interested.

But we should do all we can to make sure that crisp finish last night doesn’t end up being his last goal at Stamford Bridge. A player of his quality, in that position, could change this whole team entirely, and perhaps give Maurizio Sarri the momentum he needs to really establish himself as our coach.


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