Maurizio Sarri
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Maurizio Sarri is certainly not the sole contributor to Chelsea’s struggles this season – but his in-game decisions continue to baffle.

Chelsea’s squad is ridden with players whose best days are behind them, with big contracts and reputation all that’s preventing them from departing.

Sarri has had to contend with that from day one, which has proven to be testing during his debut campaign as Chelsea manager.

However, while we have sympathy for him in this situation he finds himself in, he really isn’t helping himself.

Sarri is a notoriously stubborn manager. He will change his system and footballing philosophy for nobody.

He has no intention of preparing a plan B, instead doing all he can to ensure his plan A works – with little success, it has to be said.

Burnley had Chelsea right where they wanted us on Monday night. Lumping balls into the penalty area which were easily dealt with by their deep defensive line.

Sarri had an opportunity to bring Olivier Giroud off the bench and give the Burnley defenders something to contend with – but opted to bring off Gonzalo Higuain.

Not once this season have Chelsea had two natural strikers on the field at the same time – which is all down to Sarri’s unwillingness to change.

While we have had managers in the past whose in-game substitutions and tactical tweaks have spurred us onto victory, Sarri only contributes to the problem.

It’s a serious concern over his managerial competency, especially considering he has never won a piece of silverware in his career to date.

This is something that those at board level ought to monitor, because it’s continuing to cost us week in, week out.

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