Maurizio Sarri Callum Hudson Odoi

Chelsea fans are already very split on Maurizio Sarri. That much has been clear almost from the day he arrived.

The divisions in the fanbase, mainly between the online fans who tend pro-Sarri, and the match-going punters who, by and large, have never taken to him, have reached really poisonous levels at times this season.

The disputes so far have largely been about tactics and player selections. Those who defend him are more willing to put up with his stubbornness and intransigence in the belief that it will lead to something greater.

Those with less faith think that it’s already clear that it will never be possible to implement what he wants here, and therefore the club should cut their losses rather than pouring time and money into a doomed project.

That argument could rage forever, but the side issue of his use of young players could united both sides of the fanbase against him very quickly. His comments in the press conference yesterday about Callum Hudson-Odoi revealed that the Italian coach has a very different view about young players to both groups of supporters.

It might be that they never agree on whether “Sarri-ball” will work, but the idea that none of our youngsters are good enough for more minutes, and even more bizarrely his feelings that there are no 18-year-olds ready for first team action in football, is so patently false that it could unite these two disparate camps.

If internet 15-year-olds and match-going yer da’s are united in disagreement with his fundamental understanding of how young players should be introduced to the team, you really have to question whether his vision will ever be able to capture the minds – but more importantly the hearts – of Chelsea fans.

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