Danny Drinkwater
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Danny Drinkwater was charged with drink driving this week after a crash on Monday night.

Drink driving is never excusable, but when you’re a millionaire footballer, it’s even more despicable.

So the midfielder had already used up a lot of the sympathy some people had for him. But further revelations made by Maurizio Sarri showed that the England international has chosen to be in this limbo state where he never plays a game, preferring to collect his wages and do sod all.

Sarri made that clear again in his press conference yesterday:

Sarri clearly pointed out to the press there that he had informed Danny in the summer than he wasn’t going to be able to play in his team this season, and that he should leave if possible to guarantee himself some playing time.

Instead Danny has chosen to stay at the club and collect his wages – as is his right. But his behaviour in recent weeks has cast his whole sage in a new light.

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