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Last night Chelsea went out the Champions League after a 2-1 defeat at the hands of PSG. The visitors took the lead early on through Adrien Rabiot before Diego Costa brought Chelsea level. Unfortunately in the second half Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored for PSG meaning no way back for Chelsea who needed to score 3 goals in 20 minutes to go through.

Let’s have a look at how the players performed during the match.

Thibaut Courtois A forgettable face in this game; more of an effort needs to be made by him. He wasn’t really an asset to the team on this occasion – 6/10

Cesar Azpilicueta did very well in holding off the PSG strikers when the ball found itself on Chelsea’s side. Cahill was nowhere to be seen in this match, there isn’t much to be said about him. – 4/10

Branislav Ivanovic had some pretty impressive defensive plays and proved worthy of being captain for the night. He delivered a brilliant header in the match and was able to get the ball away from the Chelsea side on numerous occasions. He is truly one of the better defenders. – 8/10

Kenedy played left back and at the beginning of the match showed skill. He showed great support to his team mates. – 6/10

John Obi Mikel caused PSG to have a free kick; he needs to be more careful about the way he plays the game. It could have been a costly mistake. Besides this blunder he seemed almost invisible throughout the game, he definitely needs to make more effort to support his team mates. – 5/10

Cesc Fabregas provided some much needed support to his team makes. He was on point when it came to being open to any passes. – 7/10

Pedro was having a good run until he tripped and fell and let the ball get away from him. He quickly recovered and was able to help Costa score the goal. Pedro showed great agility and speed throughout the match. – 7/10

Willian had some good plays at the start of the match, it’s a pity PSG held form so well though. He was brilliant at setting up Costa for the goal. His passing and accessory skills shone bright in this moment. – 7/10

Eden Hazard tried to get a few shots in, his delivery was skilful. Its probably the last we’ll see of Eden for Chelsea in the Champions League – 7/10

Diego Costa made the first shot of the game. During the match he found himself offside quite a few times which didn’t make him a good candidate for any passes. His shining moment was the brilliant goal he scored in the 27th minute. After the goal he didn’t disappear,he played amazingly, his eyes always on the prize. He proved himself a great asset to the team in this match, defiantly the shining star in this game. – 9/10

Bertand Traore subbed in for Costa after an injury, but unfortunately was not able to live up to his performance level. – 6/10

For the most part Chelsea played well, although there were a few players who did not pull their weight and gave up after Zlatan scored. They’ll need to pull some bonus effort during future matches.

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