Tammy Abraham & Mason Mount

The last games Chelsea played were over 6 weeks ago now, and fading fast into the rear-view mirror.

The club’s Twitter account are keeping people engaged and excited by posting clips of goals, some from this season and some from the distant past.

Today they posted a replay of Mason Mount’s goal against Aston Villa in the Premier League in December.

It’s a brilliant goal in its own right. Willian picks the ball up on the edge of the box and looks like he’s searching for an opening to cut in and shoot. But two Villa defenders face him up, and N’Golo Kante’s overlap runs wide out of his line of sight.

Without much on, the Brazilian plays a hopeful ball into Tammy Abraham, who also has two men on him.

The striker does superbly to outmuscle them both, and he chests the ball back brilliantly to Mount, who has ghosted into space behind Tammy.

Chelsea’s number 19 makes no mistake on the first time volley either, drilling it into the roof of the net.

Beyond just the aesthetic beauty of the goal itself, it felt significant in other ways too.

After a strong start to the season, Mason’s form had tailed off, and he was in need of a goal. Chelsea too were struggling at that point, having lost to Man City and West Ham then drawn with Valencia in the space of a week.

The win, combined with a man of the match showing from Tammy and a goal from Mount, gave the team a massive short term boost.

Looking at the big picture, the signs of the ever-growing understanding between the pair of them was enough to excite any watching fan.

In a physical sense, the interaction between the two of them is brilliant. Abraham knows instinctively where Mount is going to be, allowing him to play the ball first time off his body before the defenders know what’s going on.

Mason is already stepping back from the play before Willian’s cross is delivered, and by the time the ball comes to him, he’s in the perfect spot to drill it home.

That kind of link-up is exactly what we’ve waited years to see from these two in the first team, and with any luck it’s just the first of a hundred goals they put on for each other at Stamford Bridge.

If everything goes to plan, these two will be two of the key cogs for the young team Frank Lampard is building, and more goals like this are bound to come as the pair improve, and play in a team that should get stronger and more prolific every season.

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