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The reasons another Mourinho Chelsea return is almost impossible

Jose Mourinho


The reasons another Mourinho Chelsea return is almost impossible

Jose Mourinho has been linked with a second return to Chelsea today.

If that seems mad, the context is even stranger. Today it’s being reported that current coach Maurizio Sarri will leave the club “with their blessing” to coach Juventus, with the upstairs suits clearly looking to cut their losses on the man they only appointed 11 months ago.

With that space opening up, there are going to be all manner of candidates lined up, and nobody should be surprised to see Mourinho linked with a second return to the club. But it would be quite mad to see it happen.

Not only has he now left the club twice, in increasingly poisonous circumstances, let’s not he also left the second time with a nasty legal case over the treatment of Eva Carneiro as a parting gift. It’s almost impossible to see the club looking to get themselves involved with that again.

It would be a different story if the Portuguese manager was still dominant on the sideline. But his stock is as low as it’s ever been, and there’s nothing about him now that is likely to make us put up with the inevitable bad PR that comes with him.

Let’s not forget he has his own perspective too, and his relationship with the club and fans has looked strained from his end too. Maybe he wouldn’t even want to come back?

This is football, and this is Chelsea, so weirder things happen almost every season. But for all these reasons and more, we would be truly stunned to see Mourinho back in our dugout.

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