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There are just 24 hours left in the transfer window, and this is where things start to get weird.

Every window has at least one explosive story to finish, and it’s often Chelsea who are involved. Despite our ban on bringing players in, we may have a big story going out.

The Sun tweeted the below earlier, claiming that Everton of all people wanted Luiz – as though by rejecting their advances for our third choice centre-back Kurt Zouma we were then suddenly going to sell them our first choice:

But things have got even weirder in the last few minutes, with Get French Football News now claiming that the Brazilian wants to force a move to Arsenal.

That has since been added to by other sources, with people like the Telegraph running with the story too. It seems to really have weight to it.

There are countless reasons it’s unrealistic to expect Chelsea to let him go. He’s our first choice defender, key for Frank Lampard on and off the field. We have a transfer ban and can’t sign a replacement, and there are just 24 hours left in the window anyway.

But if he is determined to go, and not training as the Telegraph say, what can the club do but let him go?

Most bizarre is why Luiz would want to leave. It seems to make no sense. He’s just got he 2 year contract he wanted, and was becoming a proper leader and a father figure to the younger players in the squad.

Was Lampard not planning to use him? It just doesn’t add up. Has something happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

Chelsea are in the Champions League, and better off than Arsenal at the moment, having just battered their London rivals in the Europa League in May. We win more trophies and there’s no reason to push for a move.

It seems like there must surely be more to come on this one.

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1 year ago

He wants to leave as he is sick and tired of playing for a club full of plastic and racist fans with a history of hiring nonces into their coaching teams. At the end of the day, morals should always come before trophies (something your scummy club would know sweet… Read more »