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Chelsea’s Champions League draw is later this afternoon, and we will finally get to find out who we will play in the group stages of the competitions this year.

We’re not expected to win it this year, and depending on who we draw, even just getting out of the group would be considered a good effort from Frank Lampard and his young team.

Some of these guys were Championship players last year. Becoming a Premier League player is already a novelty for them, getting Champions League experience is a huge added bonus on top of that.

In a way, it would be more fun to draw some big teams and blood them in some real cauldrons – Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, somewhere like that, just to get them an early taste of something that will hopefully become a regular occurrence for them.

Imagine Mason Mount scoring in Naples. Now that’s what the Champions League is all about, whether in the group stage or in the knockout stages.

We want to be tested, not just qualify for the sake of it.

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Daniel Tweed
Daniel Tweed
11 months ago

Agree totally … It is with enthusiasm that I welcome this new season … I shall relish the youngsters developing and taking on the challenge … and that they are CFC is such a bonus !!