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What’s happened to Radamel Falcao? Where to next?

Radamel Falcao


What’s happened to Radamel Falcao? Where to next?

When Jose Mourinho told us that he wanted to show England the “real Falcao” some laughed, some believed him, and some thought that jury will soon be out of that statement. Some six months later, we find ourselves here. And I don’t think any jury in the world would be stupid enough to call “El Tigre” a Chelsea success.

The past six months have been dreadful for Chelsea and even worse for Falcao, who has gone from being one of the biggest names in world football to a third choice striker in a struggling Premier League team within two short years.

His injury with Monaco two years ago was probably the biggest blow his career will ever receive, and it does not help that he is suffering from his bad club choice (when he chose the “money” of Monaco over more established clubs) as his current, permanent employers are out of cash to pay his ridiculous salary, and he is forced to go to some team that can afford him.

On both occasions he was never going to get much of a chance to prove himself worthy of more minutes. He hasn’t gotten too much of a chance with United and Chelsea, but to both team’s credit, the 29 year-old never showed that he could consistently deliver the kinds of performances that could warrant him a starting place.

No one can know what Mourinho is thinking about Falcao right now but I don’t think the Portuguese manager would dare say that he wasn’t wrong at the start of the season and that England has probably seen the best it will ever see from the striker. Who has proven that his post-injury self is a bad fit for the style of football played in England.

We can all remember how he was so easily swooped aside by the massive thing that is Terry in the build up to Hazard’s goal against United last season. He has showcased in many other cases that he just cannot deal with tough, scary centre backs any more.

All of that has lead to the many reports linking him with a loan away from England, with some even suggesting that Monaco could take him back(he reportedly travelled to the principality for a few days). Other possible destinations have included the MLS and La Liga club Valencia, but all rumors have not turned into anything serious.

So it seems like our tiger-turned-house cat is staying put unless some owner or chairman actually comes up with an offer that comes close to his current salary in the next few days.

The recent “alleged” injury makes matters only worse as our coach, Guus Hiddink still insists that Falcao will not be able to play for a long time, while the player himself has stated that he could play, and has suggested that it is rather Guus’ lack of faith in him that is keeping him out of the picture.

Whether Falcao or the gaffer is telling the truth, it does not matter. These mismatching quotes could only mean that the relation between player and manager is not great, so Falcao may just may have played his last game for Chelsea, even if he does not move in the January window.

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