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Why being hateful and abusive means Chelsea is not the club for you

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Why being hateful and abusive means Chelsea is not the club for you

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has taken a hard stance on online trolls, off the back of racial abuse aimed at Tammy Abraham on Twitter after missing a penalty mid-week.

Lampard has rightly condemned the abuse, and as reported by Goal here, has no time for any type of online or offline abuse towards his players.

Lampard says he is ‘disgusted by these so-called Chelsea fans’, and those words right there are hugely important.

Oddly, some ‘fans’ believe that online campaigns like the one from this ‘fan’ below, will make any kind of difference to who Lampard selects in his line up.

To save you some time in future, I can assure you, it makes ZERO difference.

Frank, Jody Morris, Joe Edwards and his coaching team will pick players on merit. They are the UEFA qualified coaches, they are the ones training these players every day, they will make their own decisions and won’t even read your nonsense.

For the record, I too believe that Reece James is a better right back than Cesar Azpilicueta. But the last thing me, or any real supporter should do is start personally abusing your own players, or harassing Chelsea’s staff on their social media accounts.

Lampard has made it very clear that he does not regard anyone who abuses players as a fan. He does not want it at the club.

If you are one of those who abuse players, Frank says thanks, but no thanks.


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1 year ago

That’s wrong!
Chelsea was not meant to lift the trophy that night, that’s all…

Noel Fanning
Noel Fanning
1 year ago

I’m convinced that the people who, especially recently have been making abusive statements in regards to Tammy & Dave are not real Chelsea supporters. These, sometimes racial comments are a totally unacceptable criticism of players doing there best for the team. It’s a poison within our culture, almost anti semitism.… Read more »

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