Frank Lampard
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With Petr Cech returning to Chelsea, and Frank Lampard expected to follow, change is on the horizon at Stamford Bridge. Here’s why.

ESPN have reported that Lampard could officially be back at Chelsea by the end of next week, following in the footsteps of former teammate Cech.

It will be welcome news to all of the Chelsea fanbase, with many of us being more disconnected from the team than ever before throughout last season.

Maurizio Sarri has departed, a man who the match goers never warmed to, with a man who holds a place in all of their hearts set to replace him.

Whatever reservations you have about Lampard – it’s exciting.

Lamps’ impending return, as well as Cech coming back, represents a change of approach and strategy from those at board level at Chelsea.

We have continually bemoaned that there were no ‘Chelsea men’ behind the scenes, leaving us wondering if anyone truly had our best interests at heart.

Those fears have been allayed now, though. We will know for sure that Lampard and Cech are looking to build something special at the club they love.

It’s an approach which has been taken from all the big clubs around the world, from Barcelona and Real Madrid, to Ajax and Juventus.

We can only hope that it proves to be equally successful for us.

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