Willian Vs Liverpool

Chelsea face Liverpool this evening in the Super Cup Final, and for Chelsea, they needn’t be overly concerned on picking up the trophy.

Of course, for us fans, and for Frank Lampard, it will be amazing to win a European trophy at this early stage, and also pick up some momentum after winning the match.

However, it is not essential. We have to realise that Liverpool are a very good side, and in these kind of friendly matches, anything can happen.

I guess you can say it’s the European version of The Community Shield in the UK. It’s nice to win it, but its not everything.

For me, I want to see the right attitudes and mentalities from the Chelsea players, that is what is most important. I want to see us take the game to Liverpool and really compete all over the park.

I want to see us give it everything. We played well against Manchester United, but leaked goals. Let’s see an improvement in that department and I’ll be more than content.

Chelsea gave us reasons to be optimistic on Sunday, despite the scoreline. If we can improve on that and show a better attitude tonight, then I am sure most Blues fans will be reasonably content.

Don’t get me wrong though, if we win the match, I’m still celebrating like it’s the year 2000!


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