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Why Frank Lampard has got me excited for football again

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Why Frank Lampard has got me excited for football again

I’ve just been listening to Frank Lampard’s first official Premier League match press conference, and I have to say, it’s left me feeling excited for football again, a feeling that had attempted to desert me over the last few seasons.

The way he speaks is admirable, there is no way that his answers can be easily twisted dramatically, because he thinks about every tactful answer.

He was questioned about David Luiz, and his response was perfectly professional, he said all the right things. But it wasn’t rubbish, it was genuine, and sincere, because that is the man he is.

The excitement has been largely suffocated out of me over recent years supporting Chelsea, and it’s for a number of reasons.

There has been no ‘buzz’ around. At matches it hasn’t been the same, on social media it’s been warfare, and it’s really sucked the life out of me, and made me fall a little out of love with the game I’ve always adored.

But all I hear from those in and around Stamford Bridge now, is that buzz is well and truly back!

And today, I felt that buzz again when Lampard was conducting his conference. I smiled and thought, this feels good.

I can’t pinpoint what it is, but something feels right with Lampard at the helm, I feel fully confident and trusting towards him leading us.

The culture at the club is changing, that’s what I keep hearing. And it truly is.

It was entirely Lampard’s decision to sell Luiz. The board had only just broken their over 30s contract policy and given him a new 2-year deal, for Lampard to come in and say well I can’t guarantee him a regular starting spot anymore, and now he wants to leave as a result.

So the board sold him, for just £8 million. Imagine that a year ago? No managers have been backed that way at Chelsea for a long while.

But it even appears now that Lampard’s charm and intelligence, has forced even the board to put their trust in him.

Emotions aside, I’m not blindly backing him either. I know what a great tactician he is, and I absolutely buy into his ways, as do the remaining players. I think he is a VERY strong coach as well as the best man-manager.

I’m not expecting miracles, even though I think Lampard may actually be a magician. I know it will be a tough and long road, but I’m here for it, and I’m here for the long run. If it takes two years for Lampard’s Chelsea ship to reach its destination, then so be it.

In Frank, we absolutely trust. What a time to be a Chelsea fan!



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1 year ago

Well said mate, my sentiments exactly, in Lamps we trust.

L Loughry
L Loughry
1 year ago

Nice article, have been feeling the same about lamps and I can’t quite pick out what it is but generally the club seems to be turning in the right direction. Let’s give him a couple seasons to get into it, not expecting the league straight away but regardless I’ll be… Read more »

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