Didier Drogba Chelsea
Chelsea's Didier Drogba celebrates after scoring against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

On this day, 5 years ago, Chelsea re-signed Didier Drogba on a 1-year deal for one final Stamford Bridge love affair.

Drogba had offers from elsewhere (obviously), but Jose Mourinho convinced the king to return to his rightful kingdom.

My early memories of Drogba consist of frustrations to be honest, I remember a striker who had the potential to be a beast, but was clumsy on the ball, had a dodgy first touch, and had me doubting the signing all together.

But it didn’t take long for the true genius and talent to shine through. On his day, Drogba could literally destroy any team single-handedly, or ruin any defenders career.

He was the definition of a beast. I always imagine what it must have felt like to see Drogba running at you as a defender, in full stride, with that look in his eye. It must have been a scary sight.

There was nothing better than the big man latching onto a long ball, bringing it down on his chest, turning his man, brushing aside two more defenders like a knife cutting through butter, and unleashing a shot that hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper could even move.

Looking back on it now, the Chelsea fans knew exactly what they had. They knew that this guy was going down in history as one of the greatest to ever play for the club. He is a Chelsea man, he had ‘that’ mentality, we all knew it.

One day soon he WILL be back at the club in a coaching capacity, because Roman Abramovich has promised him this (as mentioned in Drogba’s autobiography).

So thank you Jose Mourinho, for choosing him over Ronaldinho, I would not change a thing!




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