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Simon Johnson of the Evening Standard has just published this article comparing the relative successes of the signings of Gonzalo Higuain at Chelsea, and the man AC Milan picked up to replace him, Krzysztof Piatek.

It’s not a hard balance to weigh up. Piatek has continued his exceptional form from the start of the season in Milan. They paid £31m for him, but he’s been worth every penny so far. They now look to have a young striker, at just 23 years old, who can be with them for many years.

Chelsea on the other hand, picked up a slow, ageing and fading force, on a lot of money, who has managed two goals against Huddersfield and one against Fulham. At least we have one consolation here – he’s only on loan.

But what that means is that the Blues will once again reach the summer with a big hole up front, and without even the talented Piatek on the market to fill it this time.

A short term buy has backfired once again, and it’s back to the drawing board for our transfer planners. Even if we can buy players this summer, one of the best options out there is now wearing a Rossoneri shirt, and fans of the historic club must be rubbing their hands in glee at how things turned out for them.

For us? Not so much.

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