Marcos Alonso
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The Daily Telegraph yesterday reported that the new Chelsea manager, at this stage likely to be Frank Lampard, will have several major jobs upon arriving at the squad.

He won’t be able to bring any players in, which solves one problem at least, but he will still have to consider selling players. The fact we can’t buy any replacements will make us wary, but any squad player with resale value whose spot can be filled by a returning loanee is surely at risk.

The piece in the Telegraph named Davide Zappacosta and Marcos Alonso as those who would potentially be allowed to move on, and it’s easy to see why. Both are struggling for first team minutes, and even with Maurizio Sarri gone they may still struggle to break back into the team.

Both also are still worth decent money, meaning it will be tempting for the club to sell them despite the ban. The emergence of Reece James as a viable squad option is what has really turned the tables however, and makes selling Zappacosta at least a very real option.

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