Roman Abramovich

When Roman Abramovich joined Chelsea in 2003, no one could have predicted what the club would look like today — Abramovich has played a pivotal role in transforming Chelsea into the global brand it is has become.

Without him, there is every chance that the Blues would not hold the position of influence and power that they have in the world — a position where people in far-flung countries recognise the kit and know the key players.

It is very important to remember that is not just a commercial asset, but also a serious strength in terms of getting the right transfers.

Abramovich has arguably transformed the very nature of English football in his Chelsea tenure of over 15 years, playing a central part in securing the Premier League as one of, if not the most loved and respected sports competitions in the world today.

All that is to say that there are a number of reasons that it is a massive relief that he’s declared openly that he will not be selling the club, despite some pretty favourable offers.

First of all, news that Eden Hazard may be leaving the club after the end of the season to join Real Madrid is potentially damaging for Chelsea. He’s undoubtedly our star player, even if Ruben Loftus-Cheek has been playing well in recent weeks, most notably in his display against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Ruben Loftus Cheek
Ruben Loftus Cheek

Imagine, then, losing Abramovich at the same time as Hazard. Chelsea’s buying power has been influenced by Abramovich more than anyone else, and he is one of the central reasons we have made so many good signings in the past 15 or so years.

Losing Abramovich would very possibly leave the club in a state of flux and indecision in terms of transfer policies. When a star player leaves, what is absolutely necessary is that the management can make quick decisions and retain the power to attract real new talent to replace the old. If those decisions can’t be made efficiently and effectively, it could be extremely damaging to Chelsea’s season next year.

Of course, a bad season is never good, but the timing really would not be good next year. Much of this season has been about rebuilding and getting players like Loftus-Cheek firing, which is something that we have achieved.

We’ve got to a solid position, and the outright premier league betting odds for Chelsea to win the 2019/20 premier league title are 20/1, which is encouraging compared to Arsenal, who are at a similar stage in their project but are all the way down at 30/1.

Losing Hazard, if we do, will be an obstacle, but one much more easily overcome with the security and consistency of having Abramovich’s steady hand on the ownership.

Transfer markets and club stability aside, the main offer was from Sir Jimmy Ratcliffe, a Manchester United fan. While that does not necessarily mean he would not be a good owner, there is also a possibility that it would undermine the fans’ trust in some of the decisions he would make.

Essentially, these are the reasons that we should be relieved that Abramovich is not interested in selling. He understands the club, he is the one who implemented the club’s contemporary commercial philosophy and he has overseen some of its greatest years. Hopefully, he will continue to do so for years to come.

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Akinwande Ayoola
Akinwande Ayoola
1 year ago

Kudos to Me
Abrahamivic for good job done so far. May I ask, what is his stand concerning Cinsteucting a new stadium?