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Willian is lucky to even be in the squad let alone get a new 3-year contract



Willian is lucky to even be in the squad let alone get a new 3-year contract

Chelsea were thrashed by Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night, and the first thing I read when I woke up this morning was that Willian had publicly admitted to wanting a 3-year contract extension at Chelsea.

Chelsea had just been beaten, fans were disappointed, and Willian decides that it is a good idea to start talking about how he wants a 3-year extension but Chelsea are only offering 2. As a result he doesn’t know if it is possible to stay at Chelsea beyond the summer when his current deal is up.

So not one part of him is even considering taking the stupidly generous and quite frankly ridiculous 2-year offer that is on the table from Chelsea? No, it appears not.

But I am often told that he is a great club man and a real servant to the club by many supporters.

So why then, is he not taking the 2-year contract if he loves the club that much? John Terry is the best player to ever grace the Stamford Bridge pitch and a club legend, he was only offered a 1-year extension and took it, obviously.

But Willian is once again proving that it is all about him.

We saw it during Antonio Conte’s time at the club when Willian was not being picked, he grew frustrated and eventually could not contain it when he posted an emoji over the face of Conte in a team trophy photo, and then lied by attempting to blame it on his kid.

The only reason we aren’t seeing sulky Willian this season is because he has been playing. If he was benched for the majority of it, I’m sure we would see more of his true colours.

But it’s alright though because he brings a lot to the team, right? Well, not really. Not in terms of scoring goals, which is the main job of any attacking player…

But he hates Tottenham so apparently it’s fine!

Look, I don’t hate the guy, far from it. I also think he’s a reasonably good player, especially when playing in a central position or out on the left.

But he is far from the saint many Chelsea fans paint him out to be, and he certainly hasn’t been a great servant to Chelsea.

The only reason he is even in the squad still is because Chelsea’s recruitment has been so poor recently. He really should be counting his lucky stars that he has even been picked by Frank Lampard this season, let alone demanding a 3-year extension.

Respectfully, it’s high time we say goodbye to Willian.

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8 months ago

The guy is very useless, whenever I complained people think I hate him,let consider his successful dribbling, passes, assist, goal and mostly kill attack while suppose to haste it

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