Jeremie Boga
Giuseppe Bellini/ Stringer/ Getty Images

One word I have become pretty fed up of hearing during this pandemic is ‘unprecedented’. I have no particular reason why, but I know that I never want to hear the word again once all this is over.

However, for old times sake, due to the unprecedented times we are all facing right now, some football clubs might need to revise their transfer plans for this summer.

Chelsea, although being largely in a sound financial position as we speak, could still be forced to seek out a bargain-buy this summer rather than spending over £100 million on a single player, for example.

Now I do not know whether Chelsea still plan to push to sign Jadon Sancho, but if they do, then that’s great because they obviously feel they can still afford to.

However, I would not be surprised if they shy away from spending the £90 million-ish that it will take to land Sancho this summer, as other clubs are being widely reported to be doing the same.

If this is the case, then Chelsea MUST absolutely trigger the £13 million release clause that they put in the contract of winger Jeremie Boga when they sold him to Sassuolo back in 2018.

This is a player who is competing at the top of the dribbling charts just below Lionel Messi and above Neymar.

Boga is a top quality winger, and he is still improving. For £13 million, this is the absolute definition of a bargain, one that in this economical climate, Chelsea simply cannot afford to turn down.

Rest in peace to the word ‘unprecedented’, its been emotional!

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