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It looks like Chelsea won’t be making an offer for James Rodriguez after Real Madrid has valued him at a whopping £70 million. It appears that Chelsea’s bid has now hit a snag, as reports emerge that the club are in no way willing to agree with the valuation of the Real Madrid player.

Real Madrid is holding out for the £70 million price tag and at this stage, don’t seem set to lower it or accept any other offers. The Champions League title holders want a huge sum for the Colombian national, and it’s one that Chelsea doesn’t seem prepared to meet.

Chelsea feels that this price tag is bordering on extortionate and it looks like James Rodriguez’ hopes of moving to Stamford Bridge are now dashed once and for all.

Although Rodriguez is being actively shopped around, it has been said that he is something of a luxury player as he made just 13 starts in La Liga in the last season.

He also wasn’t deemed worthy of a place in the Champions League final squad, so the enormous price tag has come as something of a surprise to Chelsea.

That being said, there is no doubt as to Rodriguez’ prowess on the field and he certainly injects star quality into any team he plays in.

James Rodriguez
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His signing would have added extra excitement and prestige to Chelsea, but at £70 million it seems as if it just wasn’t a worthwhile move.

Reports have said that the chances of Chelsea coughing up a massive sum for a ‘fringe player’ are unlikely, and that Rodriguez’s manager is now looking elsewhere for transfer options.

It’s clear that Real Madrid are trying to recoup the €80 million they paid for Rodriguez 3 years ago, but it seems unlikely that any club will pay that much for a player that has failed to lock down a starting spot during his time with the team.

In addition to Chelsea, Rodriguez has been linked to several other rich teams around Europe, so it seems that he will find a likely transfer soon – but not necessarily at the price tag Real have placed on him.

There’s no doubt that Chelsea will still be keeping tabs on what’s going down at Real Madrid and if a good deal arises they may swoop in and collect, but the price will have to be right as there are plenty of other star players looking at transfer opportunities, and their price tags are a little more realistic.

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