juan cuadrado

12 months ago things were simple. Our biggest problem was the number of goals b which we were winning. Our manager was very much known and the plan was that he will stay for a long time and that we were going to conquer the world together.

In the middle of our hope-filled season, we shipped out the Egyptian Messi and the German….. well, Schürrle. We decided that their replacement would come from Seria A and that was former Barcelona target and then Fiorentina winger Juan Cuadrado, who according to the Special One, was supposed to get 6 months to adjust to the league before we were allowed to judge him and to be honest, I believed that he could have competed with Hazard for the title of our best player. Oh how wrong I was!

After 13 games and one assist, it was obvious that the Colombian was struggling to adapt to life in the British island. Mourinho however insisted that he needs time saying:”Everyone believes that he needs to play all the time or at least every match, but like every player that joins a new club, he needs time. Time which hasn’t been given to Cuadrado. I do believe that he’ll be amazing next season.”

But despite Mou’s assurances, Cuadrado was not given time and was shipped off to Turin when Pedro arrived, which-in retrospect- does not seem that much of an upgrade. Cuadrado was supposed to be with Juventus on loan for the rest of the season and if it goes well, he was to be sold.

Some six months later, the 27- year old could not reserve his place in the Old Lady’s squad, but the Italians have been impressed enough to want to sign him. The only problem is that they are reportedly not willing to pay more than 15 million Euros to land his services permanently, which is around half what we paid for him just last year.

Previous reports placed the fee a little higher and the ones before were even higher, so the trend is rather scary. And one could fear that if we don’t sell him soon, the price will continue to go down, with Juventus more than happy to wait and play hard ball. So our misery can continue until further notice.

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