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Here’s the least surprising news of the January transfer window so far – Chelsea have received no bids for Danny Drinkwater this month. Nothing.

Danny Drinkwater is the second coming of Winston Bogarde. That may seem a little harsh, but it’s quite clear at this point that he has no desire to play football, rather collect his paycheck and enjoy the biggest contract he’ll ever have during his professional career.

As per Standard Sport, Drinkwater is banking £100K-a-week at Chelsea, for doing literally nothing. Why we handed him such a lucrative deal in the first place is a mystery. The whole thing reeked of deadline day desperation. Nice one, Marina.

Chelsea will no doubt be keen on getting rid of him, but in order to do that we need genuine interest from other clubs to come out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any, at least that’s what Standard Sport believe.

There has not been a single offer tabled for Drinkwater this month. Not to sign him, nor to loan him. That says it all about just how below Chelsea quality the Englishman is, and the wages he’s on have no doubt proven to be a stumbling block. It’s a sad situation.

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