It has become typical for Chelsea to be linked with transfers for in form-and sometimes out of form- players from Serie A ever since Antonio Conte was confirmed to be our net coach, and this time, it’s Gonzalo Higuain’s turn.

The Argentine international has been having one of the best seasons of his career, with a stunning 33 goals in 34 league appearances making him a prime contender for the European golden boot. His exceptional showings were the catalyst behind Napoli’s ultimately unsuccessful push for the Serie A title and have naturally caused a few ripples in the transfer market, and we have so far been the club he was most linked with.

The rumors have been both that he was coming to play alongside Diego Costa, and that he would replace the feisty Spaniard/Brazilian as leader of our front line. Napoli preisdent Aurilio de Laurentis has, as usual, dropped a silly price on his fanciest toy- 90 million Euros to be exact- when the rumors began.

We have been victims of de Laurentis’ unagreeable behavior on the transfer table when we lost Cavani to PSG, who were willing to meet the Italian’s evaluation, so it should be well known to us that when an enormous figure like that is mentioned, it’s not necessarily a negotiations tactic, that’s why we should not be under the illusion that will could get our man for a mildly reasonable price.

Moreover, Higuain will turn 29 in five months time, so he is not exactly going to be there for a while and we’ve had experience with such striker signings before (see Shevchenko and Torres) and it has not been exactly pleasant.

There is also the fact that we have much more dire needs at the other end of the pitch. We will have to sign at least one starting center back in the summer, and that is if Zouma looks capable of regaining form after his injury and is not permanently damaged because of it, so perhaps it would be a better idea to stay away from the Argentine, even if Conte wants to play two up top and make sure we address our needs before we start shopping around for luxury buys

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