Kalidou Koulibaly

Things seem to have taken a turn fir the dramatic in the Koulibaly to Chelsea transfer sage, as Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis expressed his “amazement” at the center backs behavior regarding renewing his current contract with the Partenopei:

“The player has 3 more years left on his contract and will not move from here, and will pay a hefty fine. I’m not angry so much with him, but I amazed because I think the guy is above average.”

“I did not think that he betrayed the contract on image rights. I had calls from twenty sponsors who were signing with us and have pulled back because the image Koulibaly has put out, and lost credibility. All of this will fall on the player, poor fellow. He probably will have to pay a few million euros to Napoli in the coming years.”

Even for ADL, these statements are quite crazy. And are most likely part in some ploy that mad genius has inside his head. Whether the plan is to keep Koulibaly or to get more money when they sell him is not yet public information.

Chelsea have even received a little bit of the threats that the film producer has been handing out in the last few hours:

To the unknowing observer, it would seem like the Senegalese international committed some major crime, while in reality Koulibaly only said this some four days ago:

“My situation? I have three years on my contract. I was very happy at the time when I signed a five year deal but now I had a great season and I have many offers on the table. I want to make right decision from financial and sporting stand point. Many great clubs want me and I have no news from Napoli. I get the impression I may leave. I want to keep growing perhaps by going abroad. Have I spoken to Conte? No but it could happen, if Napoli doesn’t contact me I will start talking to other clubs.”

With Koulibaly unhappy with the situation and De Laurentiis….. well, let’s just say he’s also unhappy, it could very well be the end of their working relationship together. It would probably not be wise for us to get in the middle of this mess, especially when the San Paulo club are getting seemingly greedy- and I don’t think we would fancy going through another fiasco with a new Italian club this season.

The soon-to-be 25 year-old is still probably the best defender out there to improve the fragile back line of our team, and we could theoretically go to Napoli and say:”we can take this average player off your hands, and we’ll even pay you some money for him” and see how they would react. I do not however, take any sort responsibility as to what their reaction could be.

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