• Cesc Fabregas caught ‘cheating’ against Everton on Sunday.
  • You won’t believe what he did to gain a few yards on this free-kick…
  • Is this smart from Cesc, or is it cheating? Let us know @TalkChelsea.

Oh Cesc Fabregas, how we love you.

The Spaniard may not have been able to successfully spin the game in our favour yesterday, but it wasn’t without him doing everything in his power to try and do so.

Fabregas is hardly the devil, but there has been moments during his career where we’ve been left questioning his morals. The mere fact he plays for Chelsea, having previously captained Arsenal, is a good example

The 31-year-old may be heading towards the end of his time as a Chelsea player, but his commitment to the cause remains unquestionable. He proved on Sunday that he will do whatever it takes to help us.

As referee Kevin Friend sprayed on the turf and marked where the free-kick was to be taken from, Fabregas decided to pinch a couple of hards.

He picked up the freshly sprayed line and moved it forward, before adjusting the ball accordingly. It was caught on camera and rival fans are furious. We LOVE it.

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Daniel Tweed
Daniel Tweed
1 year ago

In olden times, before spray, players could find a more playable spot close to where the referee pointed. (Within about a yard). Players take advantages all the time when there’s no spray. Fabregas was merely, albeit cheekily, mitigating the spot. Also, let’s not forget that the ref has already stepped… Read more »