Maurizio Sarri appears willing to burn bridges with friend Pep Guardiola over today’s embarrassment. He didn’t even stick around to shake his hand!

The pair have spoken very highly of each other in the past. During both meetings between Manchester City and Napoli in the Champions League, they looked pally. It was the same as City paid a visit to Stamford Bridge earlier in the season. Two managers with similar philosophies, good friends – but no longer. Or so it seems.

As Man City picked apart Chelsea at the Etihad and defeated the top four hopefuls 6-0, Sarri’s career as Blues boss may well have come to a premature end. That’s on Guardiola’s hands, and Sarri does not appear to be in any mood to forgive him for it. Instead of being a sportsman and shaking his hand at the end of the game, he stormed down the tunnel.


Nobody can blame Sarri for being furious after that team performance, but win or lose, he ought to stick around to shake the hand of the opposing manager. Especially if that manager is a friend of his. We hope that they bump into each other in the tunnel – and no fists are thrown by either party. Sarri probably just needed a cigarette after that…

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