cesc fabregas sent off
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has been ridiculed on Twitter for his bizarre choice of shirt during his punditry debut on the BBC’s World Cup coverage.

Fabregas has made a career out of his creativity and ingenuity. He’s renown for making astute decisions in possession, but that informed decision making doesn’t appear to have find it’s way into his wardrobe.

The below image was posted of Fabregas appearing on the BBC, donning a pilot-esque shirt. We quite like it, but Twitter wasn’t so sure.

More importantly, Fabregas showed that he may well have a career in punditry following his retirement. He showcased an impressive understanding of the game, as well as speaking clearly and intelligently.

We look forward to Fabregas being involved more in the BBC’s coverage of this year’s World Cup going forward. Perhaps next time, though, he ought to wear something a little bit more reserved.

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2 years ago

And what was wrong with it ?