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Another day, another rumor. This has almost literally been the situation with us since Mourinho got the sack, and each one of those rumors has had some “insider” backing it to be true.

In the past couple of days, “news” have emerged that BOTH Antonio Conte and Diego Simeone are close to getting the Chelsea gig. Spanish paper, Ok Dario, has reported that the former Argentina international has, according to the paper told Atletico about his intention to leave for Chelsea and earn ‘more than double his current salary’. Meanwhile, another incredibly trustworthy source by the name of The Daily Mail has reported that Conte is the front runner to be in the manager’s position at SW6 next season.

Given that The Mail are….. well, The Mail and the Spanish media is generally as reliable as a weirdo in a train station warning people about the apocalypse, these rumors carry very little weight. But the fact that there are so many managers linked with us is not assuring whatsoever because it means that the club most likely undecided on what kind of manager they should be pursuing and what possible candidates there are. This un-decisiveness has become increasingly worrying in the last 18 months. We have seen this in the past summer when we needed an entire transfer window to secure a replacement for Felipe Luis, which is a stark contrast to the summer before winning the league, when we signed the players we needed in virutally record time, which makes this all the more puzzling because our personnel have not changed but we seem to have lost the long term vision that we thought we had.

We no longer know who will be the manager next season, and we don’t even seem to know what kind of manager we want to have, which is very worrying.

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