Arsenal Fan
GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

One Arsenal fan made a very big mistake during his side’s 0-0 draw with Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

We football fans know better than most that your emotions can often get the better of you, but this Gooner’s emotions have led to him being embarrassed in front of 40,000 people and millions more watching at home.

Arsenal centre-back Shkodran Mustafi headed home into the back of Thibaut Courtois’ net in the second-half of the Stamford Bridge stalemate. Little did he know, as he went wheeling off celebrating in front of the Arsenal faithful, that he was in an offside position and the goal had been ruled out.

He wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice the linesman’s raised flag on the far side, one visiting fan invaded the pitch thinking that his side had taken the lead.

Standard procedure for a pitch invasion is to remove the fan from the stadium and they can even face further punishment such as huge fines or bans from future games. All of that for a disallowed goal…

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Chelsea Alan
Chelsea Alan
3 years ago

Gooners fans are generally a bunch of idiots anyway which the media never seem to pick up on for some strange reason? Every time we play them Fabregas gets a dog’s dinner of a reception from their fans yet Petr Cech always receives a warm welcome from Chelsea fans. I… Read more »