Antonio Conte

The feud between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte has taken a bizarre turn.

Eladio Parames, one of Mourinho’s close allies, has appeared to accuse Conte of wrongdoing relating to performance enhancing drugs.

Mourinho had already opted to dig up the past by discussing when Conte was banned for match-fixing during his time in Italy. Conte was cleared of any malpractice and the matter was put to bed.

However, in the midst of this harsh war of words between the managerial counterparts, both parties are using all the ammunition they can get to fire back at each other.

Now Parames, out of the blue, has decided to get involved. Parames is quoted by the Daily Star appearing to accuse Conte of corruption:

“The analyses were conclusive and definitive, according to the anti-doping authorities. The matter ended up before the courts. Appeal after appeal, influence from various sides made it possible to archive the trial and not have anyone seriously punished, to the despair of the controllers.”

“And who was the Juve captain? Antonio Conte!”

This is, quite frankly, getting ridiculous. In this spiteful battle of the bosses, no stone is being left unturned and everyone’s dirty laundry is being hung out to dry.

There is no evidence that Conte did anything wrong in this case or any other. Mourinho and his band of merry men ought to let Chelsea and Manchester United do the talking on the pitch.

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2 years ago

I used to be a real supporter of mourihio but what he is doing to conti has changed my opinion of him I do think that he was treated badly by Chelsea when they sacked him and only the players know what really happened . He needs to do his… Read more »

2 years ago

Jose doesn’t have respect