Jorginho is a class act. He’s only been here five minutes, and we know that already.

It’s clear to see why two of the greatest minds in football, Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri, were both after him during the summer transfer window.

Thankfully, it was Sarri whose pursuit of the midfielder proved fruitful. He has laid the foundation for his manager to implement his style of play at Stamford Bridge.

It’s not only what Jorginho does in possession that makes him so influential. He dictates the play, not only with his feet, but also with his mind. He’s a conductor for Sarri’s orchestra.

The below tweet shows exactly what Jorginho does when he doesn’t have the ball. He’s always showing his teammates where best to pass the ball. We love this!

If you tuned into any Blues games last season, you’ll be well aware that our team could do with a little guidance in possession. If Jorginho’s willing to provide it on the pitch, it’s only good news from a Chelsea perspective.

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