Outside Stamford Bridge

Kepa Arrizabalaga has revealed that he’s looking forward to a long and prosperous career at Chelsea.

You’d like to think the seven-year contract he penned was sufficient evidence of his commitment, but you can’t trust anyone in modern football.

Chelsea fans have been left with trust issues following the circumstances surrounding the departure of our previous goalkeeper – he who shall not be named.

Thankfully, Arrizabalaga doesn’t appear to have fallen from the same ugly tree as Courtois, who hit all the branches on the way down.

Kepa is here to stay, and is if that was in any doubt, he has reaffirmed it for us. He’s quoted by the Daily Mail saying:

“All in all, so far I feel very happy. I think I’m adapting very well to being in the team, which is the most important thing, and I’m really looking forward to spending a long time in the Premier League with Chelsea.”

Judging by his performances in a Chelsea shirt thus far, notably the several world-class stops he made against Southampton, we’ve bagged ourselves a gem.

The Arrizabalaga era has only just begun, and we can’t wait to see what he’s going to achieve as a Chelsea player.

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