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Chelsea keeper teases on Instagram amid Real Madrid speculation

Thibaut Courtois


Chelsea keeper teases on Instagram amid Real Madrid speculation

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has dropped a couple of intriguing hints about his future on Instagram.

After it was confirmed by Courtois’ agent that he wants to sign for Real Madrid, the Belgian has nothing to hide.

He no longer has to pussyfoot around and pretend that he could still remain at Chelsea – he wants to leave, we know this now.

Whether he will be granted his move away from Stamford Bridge is yet unclear. It depends whether we are able to sign a suitable replacement in the coming days.

He remains in limbo, awaiting confirmation that he will be able to reunite with his family in Madrid and embark on a new chapter at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Courtois has teased fans on his Instagram account with a couple of posts that we’re absolutely going too read much into.

The first was a picture of him in a Belgium shirt, suggesting that he’s looking forward to getting back onto the pitch – but there’s no mention of Chelsea…

Courtois Insta

He’s also hashtagged the number 1, rather than the 13 he wears on his jersey at Chelsea. Keylor Navas is currently occupying 1 at Real Madrid.

He then posted an image of a private jet on his story, hinting that he’s set to fly to Belgium. Not Madrid, or the USA where Real Madrid are currently, nor London. Belgium.

Coutois Plane

None of this really adds up. Perhaps he’s playing games with us – or it could all be completely innocent.

One way or another, we’ll have further details on Courtois’ future early next week. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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2 years ago

To think we had to get rid of Petr Cech to accommodate this arsehole, this is how he repays us.

2 years ago

what an ungrateful bellend he is he was lacklustre last season turned it on at the WC remember who paid your wages you aint that good

2 years ago

I don’t know what Granovskia is doing that she is been sluggish.
She is toying with Chelsea fans!
GK’s were shortlisted but everyone mute and unserious.
Courtois has made up his mind not to stay,so let him go or expect classic blunders.
Strike while the iron is hot Granovskia!

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