didier drogba

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has taken to Twitter to reveal that he’s working with the club once again – but not to the extent that may of us will have hoped.

We need not write about what Drogba achieved as a Chelsea player. You will all be familiar with his achievements during his first stint at Stamford Bridge.

After initially departing in 2012, Drogba returned to the club to work under the stewardship of Jose Mourinho, who he had a good relationship with from the time they spent together in the 2000s.

Having won the Premier League title, Drogba departed for the second time after the expiration of his contract, but we knew he wasn’t gone for good.

Drogba belongs at Chelsea. He ought to forever be involved with the football club in some capacity.

The 40-year-old tweeted on Tuesday to reveal that he’s working with the Blues for a third time, but not as a player, nor a coach. As a Yokohama ambassador!

We’re not entirely sure what purpose this role serves, but if it means we’ll be seeing Drogba back in Chelsea blue, we’ll take it!

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