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Jorginho has revealed that he would like to return to Serie A in the future, insinuating that he misses life at Napoli already.

We’re not going to suggest for a second that Jorginho is not happy as a Chelsea player. He’s been one of the players of the season so far, his performances reflect his contentment with life as a Chelsea player.

However, towards the end of their careers, players often life to return to the team or league that provided the platform for them to build a career. Jorginho is no different.

Jorginho is quoted by the Express revealing his desire to return to Italy one day:

“Serie A will always be one of the best leagues in the world. I hope to go back one day.”

“There’s a difference in tempo and physicality between English and Italian football. However, you can’t not miss a magnificent place such as Napoli.”

Naples is a beautiful place. West London isn’t bad either, but it doesn’t compare. If we had lived there, few places on the planet would compare.

Jorginho signed a long-term contract. That’s an indication of his commitment to the cause at Stamford Bridge. Let’s not get his comments twisted!

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