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Maurizio Sarri might enjoy getting a couple extra hours in bed every morning, but that’s not necessarily what the players want.

One player, at least, has expressed his displeasure at Sarri’s decision to move Chelsea’s training sessions to the morning – and that’s Willian.

It may seem trivial to many Chelsea fans, but the timing of the sessions are the foundation upon which professional footballers can structure their daily life.

Sarri made the decision after his appointment for Chelsea to train in the afternoon, which on the surface of it, looks to be a move that would benefit the players.

However, despite the fact that he can have breakfast with his children and no longer has to skip the school run, Willian’s not best pleased about it.

While speaking to the Times, Willian revealed why he prefers morning sessions:

“Of course, I prefer to train in the morning because then you can stay with your family, your daughters, because when I’m training in the afternoon my kids go home and then when I arrive home, they have dinner and go to bed.”

“So I see less of my daughters, that’s why I prefer morning training.”

Perhaps it won’t be long before Sarri too is covered by emojis on Willian’s Instagram page…

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2 years ago

The coach knows best. It’s sad he cant spend some more time with his daughters but i’m 100% sure Sarri has a reason for the changing the timing of the training session and he should get with it.