Chelsea’s ratings in EA’s Fifa 19

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12th November 2018
Fifa 19 - Chelsea

When it comes to ratings, footballers suffer from the common hubris. They just can’t help it. They love to be seen as idols and demi-gods at the same time. That’s why when EA’s game comes out, they are often a bit grumpy.

FIFA 19 assigns ratings to footballers in the game, allowing players to compose a team of varied players which in turn not always sits well with the actual players after whom the game is sculptured. Though some, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, love what they see in-game, others have a number of hilarious reactions that can be tracked down.

It seems, though, that Chelsea don’t mind. They have been captured accurately, though some of their lower-rated players are not too happy. Still, they keep a brave face, and let’s face it – often prove the game developers quite wrong.

If you love the video game and everything about it, we are here to talk about EA FIFA 19 and how Chelsea got their ratings, including how to bet on the outcome of esports! Yes, we have learned how to use our knowledge and understanding of the game to get esports bets right all the time! Care to find out more?

Chelsea’s Footballer Rating in EA’s FIFA 19

Watch out, watch out, because Chelsea have an excellent real-world squad, and as it turns out – their alter egos are no different! You can see the bunch of them featured in FIFA 19 and the ratings are looking pretty good.

No, the Blues don’t hit the highest ratings, but they are exceptionally well balanced, which, let’s face it, has so far kept them in the top three spots for the English Premier Cup. This translates in the video game, too!

Eden Hazard tops the chart among team members, looking good and having decent 91 to boast. He’s trailed by N’Golo Kante who is just two points short of the mark to be equally matched with Hazard.

Next, of course, comes Cesar Azpilicueta with 86, and that’s a fare assessment. Now, it gets interesting as Jorginho, Cesc Fabregas, and Willian all have 84, which is exactly what we meant. Chelsea are a well-rounded squad look at them from any angle you will and that’s great, great news for the entire squad.

Being able to play on the same level means that the pace will be kept and this way the team can pressure simultaneously. Of course, this is just FIFA 19, the game with the best digital launch in the franchise, but rest assured that stats is pretty accurate. Even when talking real life action, Chelsea seem to be playing in a lockstep with each other.

The Stars That Everyone Wants

There are quite a few footballers who hover in the over-80-per-cent rating, which is great news, because this is the entire team. Now, you have the backups which are in fact quite skilled, matched as well as their counterparts from the regular team.
Going down to the bottom of the table, we will see Ethan Ampadu with 63 over scores, but if anything, he hasn’t had so many opportunities to play which is the reason why his score hasn’t been quite up to scratch.

For better or for worse, EA FIFA 19 has given an interesting stats to the team, and quite frankly – it’s accurate indeed!

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