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John Terry hopes to return to the Chelsea Football Club one day, as the manager, and he has said that Frank Lampard, his former teammate, may well join him.

Terry, at 36-years old, chose to join Aston Villa in the Championship after he ruled out a move to the Premier League after spending 22 years at Stamford Bridge.

Terry Won’t Play Against the Blues

Terry has admitted that playing against the Blues just does not sit well with him, and when he was asked about managing his former club he stated that this was indeed a dream of his.

He went on to say that he had spoken of this possibility with Lampard, and that no dream was too big. He said that it had always been his goal to be the very best he could be, and if that role was a management one, then he would love to take that position with Chelsea.

He also said that he was well aware that one does not simply walk into that kind of position, and that he understood that managing Chelsea could never be his first job.

Terry is Part of Aston Villa for One Year

John Terry made more than 700 appearances on the field with his beloved Blues, and also won 15 top honours during that period.

He was a favourite of many punters and featured heavily in many an online sports betting guide as a player who held major influence over the team and the outcome of every game he played in.

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He has recently signed a deal which keeps him with Aston Villa for one year, after he snubbed far more lucrative deals in order to stay in the top flight.

The Raw Emotion of Departure Motivates Terry

West Brom and Swansea were eager to retain Terry in the uppermost division, but the ex-England captain could not represent one of Chelsea Football Club’s Premier League main opponents so soon after he bid it farewell.

Terry has said that he is unsure if he will still feel this way a year on, but that this was definitely the case at the moment.

He went on to say that he had received a number of different offers in order to play at the top level of the Premier League, but that once he had made the decision to stay out of it, choosing not to go up against Chelsea was easy to do.

Terry has said that he was delighted to join Aston Villa, and made this announcement on his website, going on to declare that he had admired the club from a distance for a long time.

He also mentioned the wonderful facilities available at Bodymoor Heath, and spoke of Villa Park as being one of the most excellent stadiums in the whole country. He felt that the group of players was a good one, and that Steve Bruce made for an experienced and successful manager for the team.

Terry is anxious to get started as soon as possible, and has expressed hopes of achieving something special alongside the team over the course of the upcoming season.

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