Marcos Alonso

Marcos Alonso has provided some insight in what goes on behind the scenes in the Chelsea dressing room, report the Express.

We all know what goes on on the field of play. Whether you’re one of the 40,000 in attendance at Stamford Bridge or the millions watching at home, we don’t miss a thing. However, it’s rare that a player lifts the lid on what goes on once the players leave the pitch and become normal members of society. Thankfully for us fans, Alonso has done exactly that.

Alonso gave some insight into what he chats about to Blues teammates Cesar Azpilicueta and N’Golo Kante, as the Express report:

“Between them they speak about FIFA because they like to play it a lot, but not me so with Azpi I speak about Spanish teams and football mostly, and he also asks me about my girlfriend because I have a new girlfriend and he is curious.”

The Spaniard added that he and Kante are also attempting to help each other learn their respective languages, which is nice to see. The Express quote Alonso, who says:

“And with N’Golo, he is trying to speak Spanish and I am trying to speak French so we are both teachers of each other.”

It’s great that the current crop of Chelsea players appear to not only have great chemistry on the field, but also off it. It’s the foundation of a happy squad, and it looks as though we have one.

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