Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea were a micro-managed winning machine under Antonio Conte. It worked well for a 12-month period, but it wasn’t sustainable.

The players grew tired of the tough regime and Conte’s methods. They turned on him, and it resulted in his downfall.

Maurizio Sarri looks to have learnt from the failures of his predecessor. He’s already got the players on side, and is looking to keep it that way.

The Daily Mail report that one of his strategies to do so has been to move training sessions to later in the day. In doing so, he’s allowing his players time with their families in the morning.

The report suggests that the players are fond of this idea and have reacted positively. It shows Sarri’s human side. The empathy he has shown to his players has been appreciated.

After two wins in two games, there’s no complaints from us. Sarri appears to be doing an excellent job at keeping morale high in the camp.

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