Sarri Smoking

Maurizio Sarri is Chelsea manager. This is not cited from an non-reputable Italian report. This is not an estimation of when Chelsea will officially announce the deal. It has finally been done and dusted.

Sarri will bring with him his philosophy of playing free-flowing, entertaining football. His style of play is a far-cry from what we have seen Chelsea play under Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink and Antonio Conte. We really are in for a treat.

Without wanting to focus on the negatives so soon after his appointment, it’s worth noting that Sarri does also have an edge to him. Mourinho and Conte did, and Sarri is no different. Chelsea could never appoint an angelic new manager, it wouldn’t work for us.

Sarri has been involved in several controversies in the past, relating to both homophobia and racism. We hold the belief that people should not be judged on their past mistakes, rather how they are planning to better themselves for the future.

Let’s hope that Sarri is actively trying to do that and stays out of trouble during his time at the Bridge. Here’s his top three most controversial moments, as shown on a graphic produced by Sky Sports.

The gesture described above made to Juventus fans is shown below. If anything, this makes us love the bloke even more!


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