Maurizio Sarri
Napoli pushed Juventus right until the end last season. (CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty (Images

Chelsea have encountered another hurdle in their efforts to appoint Maurizio Sarri. We’re getting tired of this now…

It’s an utter disgrace that pre-season is set to begin and we do not reached a definitive conclusion on who will be leading Chelsea into the 2018/19 campaign.

Antonio Conte is still Chelsea manager, somehow.

Remember Mike The Headless Chicken? He survived 18-months after having his head cut off. That’s Conte right now. Smashing his head against the walls at Cobham. Desperately holding in to the sense of purpose that was lost with his noggin.

He may well be stranded here for the final year of his contract, too, with Napoli increasing their demands for Sarri.

According to Tuttosport, Aurelio De Laurentiis is now demanding €20M in exchange for the 59-year-old. Following the expiration of his release clause, the ball is very much in De Laurentiis’ court, and he’s not planning on giving it back anytime soon.

Conte appears set to take pre-season training. At this point, we ought to allow him to serve the remainder of his contract, with a view to appointing Sarri next summer.

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