Kepa Arrizabalaga
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Pundit Danny Murphy has revealed who he believes should face the sack over Kepa-gate, but it’s neither the goalkeeper or Maurizio Sarri!

You will have seen the incident by now. Maurizio Sarri attempted to substitute Kepa Arrizabalaga, but the keeper was having none of it. He subsequently remained on the field of play for the penalty shootout, and failed to prevent Manchester City from winning.

You could argue that Kepa deserves to be seriously disciplined for publicly disrespecting the manager in this manner. You could even argue that Sarri should face the wrath of Chelsea for losing his temper and going on a rampage on the touchline. Danny Murphy disagrees.

Murphy, who isn’t one of the better pundits out there, has claimed that the blame could lie with Chelsea’s goalkeeping coach. His reasoning is that Kepa should not be having cramp, no matter what minute in the game. He’s quoted by the Express saying:

“Maybe he was wasting time and it backfired on him, I don’t know. I just cannot understand for the life of me, I’d love to ask him, how the hell do you get cramp as a goalkeeper?”

“There’s a real problem if he’s got cramp. The goalkeeping coach at Chelsea should be sacked if he’s got cramp. I’m not kidding.”

Perhaps the clearest indication of just how bad a pundit is Murphy is that he failed to educate himself to the fact that Kepa was struggling with a muscle injury prior to the game, which likely flared up while he was playing. Someone ought to tell him to avoid further embarrassment on his part…

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