Diego Costa
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Always playing on edge can cause problems sometimes. Which is what happened to our Diego Costa when during training, according to our manager Guus Hiddink

“Costa broke his nose in a duel with one of the other players. He will wear a mask. We are a Zorro team,”

“It was a small incident but it’s a very fragile area.”

The other player in question has not been mentioned but I highly doubt that his identity matters, as there was probably no malice in the coming together that lead to the break.

Costa joins the Zoro Club at Chelsea. He is added to the list of Azpilicueta, Matic, Cahill, Torres, Fabregas, Ba and Ramires. I’ve heard a rumor that the Zoro Club has a meeting every year to elect a new president and have a game of poker in Chelsea uniform and masks.

In more serious news, Hiddink confirmed that Pato is getting closer to his Chelsea debut with every passing training session.

“He’s in the second week of his pre-season and he’s doing well, he won’t be ready for Newcastle, it’s a possibility for Manchester City,”

Well, we cannot wait, Guus.

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