Bertrand Traore

Opinions on Jose Mourinho’s departure vary and so do the evaluations of his successor’s tenure so far (albeit not as dichotomous), but one thing everyone seems to agree on, which is that our young Bertrand Traore has greatly benefited from Hiddink’s arrival (and Mou’s sacking).

The latest of Traore’s endeavors was a lucky/brilliant goal against Manchester City’s B (or maybe C) side. A goal which raised his tally to three from his last three games for the club, and the Burkinabe was happy with his contribution:

“It is a good feeling for me. Now I have to stay focused, working hard in training and try to take any opportunity I get.”

“I tried to put the ball in the back of the net. I think I was lucky with the goal but still I meant to put the ball in the net but not in that way. I am happy for the team, happy with the performance and that I got another goal.  For a couple of games now we are in good shape. Everybody is okay, everybody is doing well and we have to keep going in the same way.”

After consistently impressing whenever he got a chance, the winger-turned-striker is looking like he can break the vicious circle of the loan system, provided that he maintains the same kind of form, and he’s saying all the right things in order to get more game time:

“I like challenges so I am always ready to come on the pitch and show what I can do so I always train for this kind of moments”

The 20 year old has already played under Hiddink twice more than what he did when Mourinho was in charge and has showcased considerable promise of replicating the brilliance he displayed last season in Holland. And If Traoré maintains this sort of record, then it would certainly warrant further opportunities, hopefully in the form of starts rather than part-time cameos.

It’s just  a shame that Guus Hiddink is most likely going to leave when the season ends because the youngster seems to have earned the veteran manager’s trust, something that may unfortunately not be true with whoever might be the manager next season

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