Huddersfield Town Penis
Image via BT Sport

Now this isn’t even remotely Chelsea related, but we felt as though we had to cover it – if only Huddersfield Town’s Danny Williams covered his!

You may think that there is a grey cloud hanging over Stamford Bridge following a string of poor results, but at least none of the Premier League champions’ genital areas have been broadcasted on national television.

Unfortunately for Danny Williams, his has. BT Sport cut to a shot of Huddersfield gaffer David Wagner, and got an unintentional look at Danny’s wang.

When you’re down on your luck, an effective way to keep your spirits up is often to laugh at your rivals.

TalkChelsea have a strict no penis policy, but if you want to see the video – click here.

As ever, football fans across social media sprung into action to laugh at Williams’ expense, as if having his manhood seen by millions of people wasn’t bad enough. He’ll be heading home red-faced tonight…

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