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Allowing fans in Russia tonight gives strong disadvantage to Chelsea

Krasnidar Stadium


Allowing fans in Russia tonight gives strong disadvantage to Chelsea

Betfred offers for UK players mean that Chelsea fans can back their team to win in Russia tonight against Krasnodar – but they should remember the home team has some unique advantages.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate for getting supporters safely back inside football stadiums as soon as possible.

I see theatres, concerts etc across the globe with socially distanced fans watching shows inside, and I think why on earth can this not now be safely trialled out outdoor football arenas?

But this is besides the point. Chelsea are playing against Krasnodar in the Champions League in Russia tonight, and they are allowed 11,000 home supporters inside the stadium.

Yes it’s not full capacity, but I don’t understand why more isn’t being said about how this creates a clear advantage to the Russian side, and any other teams who will be allowed fans back in the stadium.

Chelsea will have to play them home and away, and you can bet your life the English authorities will not change their stance on fans in stadiums before then, especially in light of the rising Covid-19 cases in the UK.

So this creates a big and clear home advantage for Krasnodar tonight, and when they play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with no fans at all, it will just be like playing at a neutral venue.

On paper Chelsea should feel comfortable beating this team, but that is besides the point. They also should not be underestimated, especially with the backing of supporters. Taking my Chelsea hat off for a second, I’m actually quite excited to see and hear fans back at a football match, but still…

I have no idea why this was allowed by the Football gGoverning bodies, and why it isn’t being shouted about more.

Home fans can play a massive part in how results go, whether it is 11,000 or 40,000, it can make a huge difference and clearly gives the team with fans a big advantage.


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